Week 13 Discussion Post

November 20, 2014

What are three benefits to having video be part of an IMC campaign? How has mobile technology affected video? Make sure to cite at least one outside source that is …

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Week 11 Design Showcase

November 8, 2014

Instructions Now that you’ve learned about social media channels and how brand image is an integral part to these channels, let’s create some designs for these channels. Choose a brand …

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Week 11 Discussion Post

November 5, 2014

Instagram is a fast-growing social media channel for brands to not only share product images, but a chance to share brand essence. Share 3 of your favorite brands on Instagram. …

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Week 9 Design Showcase

October 25, 2014

Instructions This week, you are designing a banner ad series for a brand of your choice. You are tasked with preparing a first quarter (2015) banner ad campaign for them …

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Week 5 Design Showcase

September 26, 2014

Instructions The goal with this week’s assignment is to not only sharpen those PS skills, but to showcase your understanding of IMC. Design For this assignment, choose one of your …

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Week 5 Discussion Post

September 25, 2014

Read/watch this week’s assigned readings/videos prior to completing this. We will be reviewing in class the overall concept of IMC as well if you want to wait until then. Explain …

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