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7. India


November 8, 2015

Reasons to Visit: There is something fascinating and unique about the Taj Mahal. With both the creator and the history of its origin, the Taj Mahal is nearly 400 years …

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8. Brazil


November 1, 2015

Reasons to Visit: I’m not sure if it’s because of all the Brazilian tourists we receive in Central Florida, or if it’s because I’ve had so many great friends from …

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9. St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia


October 24, 2015

Country: Russia Reasons to Visit: For me, there’s a spirit and an awe to the country of Russia, largely I believe due to its lengthy, challenged and diverse history with …

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10. South Africa


October 17, 2015

Reasons to Visit: There are two main cities worth visiting in South Africa, specifically Johannesburg (Joburg) and Cape Town. Both provide a unique history and opportunities to see natural wildlife, …

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11. Antarctica


October 10, 2015

Reasons to Visit: One of the first projects I got to work on was the development and launch of SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. With building and executing …

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12. New Zealand


October 4, 2015

Reasons to Visit Located within the Pacific Rim, the country of New Zealand offers an array of wilderness and adventures that make it an enticing place to visit. From tropical …

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13. Montreal, Quebec


September 27, 2015

Reasons to Visit Canada, the United States’ neighbor to the north, maintains its own intrigue. While I’ve had the opportunity to visit Toronto and Niagara Falls (from the Canadian side, …

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14. Germany


September 20, 2015

Reasons to Visit Another country and culture that makes up my family heritage, I’ve only been to Germany through the airport in Frankfurt. However, of my friends and family who …

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15. Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

Eilean Donan Castle

September 13, 2015

Reasons to Visit I’ve always been drawn to the countries of my family heritage, specifically Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. While I’ve carried a German surname, my family is actually predominantly …

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