June 4, 2005

2 – Lbs. Ground Beef
1 – Cup Bread Crumbs
1 – Lg. Egg
2 – Tbls. BBQ Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Lowry’s Season Salt
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Worcestershire Sauce

Preheat oven to 325°. In a large mixing bowl, add ground meat, half the bread crumbs, egg and BBQ sauce. Mix lightly together. Add seasonings to taste. If mixture is too wet, add additional bread crumbs until the mixture has the consistency of a meatball. Place mixture into loaf pan and then into the oven. Cook meatloaf until internal temperature reaches 155° (about 40 minutes) and then remove from the oven. Let stand for five to 10 minutes. Serve warm or cold in sandwiches.

A mixture of ground beef and pork/turkey will create a flavorful, less calorie, meatloaf. Italian seasoned bread crumbs are the best. I like using Barbeque sauce instead of ketchup, but either will work. Also, after placing mixture into loaf pan, inverting onto a cookie sheet and then baking will create the loaf shape while also providing a crust on the outside and allowing the fat to drip away rather than boil in the bottom of the pan. This is a great “pantry” recipe.

A modified version of a family recipe.

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