My First Snow

February 13, 2013

I started my current trip in Boston for a work-related event. When we first booked/planned for the event, we knew weather could pose a factor, but didn't really consider it a controllable element, because … well … it's not.

The week of our trip, the forecast turns from light snow chances to "historic blizzard conditions" for the city of Boston. While I considered calling and canceling my trip, I decide to hang in there and see what happens. I've been through more hurricanes and tropical storms than I can count, so how's some frozen rain going to be different?

On Friday, the first day of the show, the predictions have turned dyer. 24+ inches of snow, Gale force winds and a complete traffic and public transportation ban. Needless to say, the show is cancelled for the day and a delayed start for Sat of 3 hours is planned. We head back to the hotel and change clothes with the hopes of making the most of our hotel. Most of us have dinner in the bar and hang out as we watch the storm move in and the snow start to "stick."

Saturday brings full on blizzard conditions. Snow is already piled up outside and the temperature has dropped to 18. We brave the elements and make it out around 10 am to play in the snow. We built a small snowman, made snow angels, and even had a mini snowball fight. After climbing through 4 foot snow drifts and keeping our balance in the 40+ mph gusts, we head back in to get ready for the show, only to learn for very obvious reasons the show has been cancelled for the day. Dressed in full uniforms, we still venture outside for a group photo and a quick video. Some of us go back outside to play. Others venture to the nearby neighbor hotel for a change of scenery. I choose to hunker down with my computer and Internet in the bar area to catch up on some work.

Later that evening, we're able to make plans for a nearby restaurant as the travel ban is lifted, and it's stopped snowing, but the roads are very dangerous. Some local seafood at Legal Seafood Test Kitchen and then we're off to a place I visited years earlier featuring amazing baked good and desserts. Our quest for Boston Creme Pie leads us to enjoy an entire Boston Creme Cake for the 5 of us at Finale. Feeling fueled and adventurous, we head out to walk the Boston Commons for some awesome pictures, snowball fights, and some all around fun and team building. We make it back to the hotel safe and sound, albeit chilled and read to both start and end the show on Sunday.

Sunday brings the sun, wet grounds and the start of the show. We clearly weren't the only ones with cabin fever as we had a great turnout and were able to make the most of it.

All in all, as a Florida boy who's never seen snow, let alone played in it, survived the Blizzard of 2013 leveraging common sense, my hurricane paparedness skills (yes, packed a flash light in m bag for the trip), and had a great time with friends from work. Not sure my opinions of living in the North have changed, but I'm gladiator could add a few more firsts under my belt.

I'll see what the next leg of my trip to San Francisco may bring. Some great food, education, and professional networking are all on tap. 

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