May the Fourth be with Your Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2014

Today across all of nerd-dom is commonly referred to as Star Wars day, given that it’s May the Fourth. This non-holiday is followed by another semi-madeup holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

While I embrace my geekhood, I’m not hosting any marathon moving party or anything like that. However, as a fan of great Latin food, I’ve decided to go all-out a day early. On the menu will be mofongo, maduros, beans and rice, and pulled pork. There will of course be either margaritas or daiquiris to have on the side. And while not traditionally, I might even finish the meal with a small piece of pecan pie. It’s my first time making mofongo and I’ve had hit-or-miss results making maduros at home, but I’ll “never say die.”

We’re halfway through spring and the weather is getting warm. it’s nice to have one more evening of great food, drink and good TV on later tonight (Game of Thrones, anyone?).

Happy May holidays!!!

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