Week 10 Discussion Post

October 30, 2014

After reading this week’s readings, share a screenshot of an email you’ve received recently that struck you as well designed.

What about this email particularly caught your eye? Are there any of the features (good or bad) discussed in the assigned readings present in your example? When you click through your email, do the links take you to links where IMC is clearly present? Explain and use screenshots.

Please use one outside cited source to help bolster your points of view.

I’ve been in and out of email marketing for the better part of 10 years including serving as a vested client, to 100 percent dedicated to creating, deploying and measuring email effectiveness. When I occasionally hear that “email is dead” like that of print, I just laugh and move on to checking my latest messages on my phone or tablet.

Regardless of the strategy, timing or offers, the design of an email is just as important as its subject line; which, as one article included, is definitely important to get the user to open and see the amazing creative you’ve just delivered to their inbox.

Below is a sample of an email I received this week from Amazon related to a new-ish program called “Amazon Pantry.” The knock at the door of the subject line “You’re Invited to Try Amazon Prime” got me to open the message and I spent about 15 minutes during lunch navigating their site learning what grocery and dry good items I could have shipped directly to my home.

Beyond the Amazon logo, what caught my eye within the creative was all the well-known name brand (mostly from P&G I felt) that seemed different, especially coming from Amazon. As I joked with my cube neighbors, shopping for these products felt almost foreign online, given I’ve never thought about ordering a 12-pk of Coca-Cola or a bottle of Tide from Amazon … or online, for that matter. However, the online experience was very Amazon, with its grid layout, filters, and color palette and add-to-cart functionality. It definitely resonated the Amazon.com online shopping experience.

What was also great about this message, is that it looked good both on desktop and on a phone. I think that makes a huge impact with mobile consumers. Responsive designed, or email messages that are designed to showcase well on all device types, are becoming ever more important for successful marketing, as reaffirmed by Starmark, Intl.

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