Week 13 Design Showcase

November 22, 2014


Your assignment this week is to edit a video and its branding graphics inside PhotoShop.

  1. Log into Lynda.com through UF and use your UFID. (Go here: http://www.it.ufl.edu/training/ and click on Lynda.com)
  2. WATCH THIS ENTIRE VIDEO: http://www.lynda.com/Photoshop-tutorials/Design-Web-Video-Graphics-Animation/123000-2.html (You may want to watch through to get an idea of the assignment, and then go back and watch for step-by-step instruction).
  3. Download the exercise files, located at the top of the Lynda module. You will only be using the video (.mp4).
  4. Design a logo/brand image for Ojai Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a .PSD for you to use in your assignment. Do not simply recreate what is provided/shown — you should create your own brand identity for this brand.
  5. Once your logo is complete. edit the video as Chris does, but do not use the provided design elements. Instead, use the elements you created in step 4.

Your video should have:

  1. title screen
  2. a lower third element with logo/ID bug
  3. a text element for the man’s interview
  4. transitions
  5. the video file provided cuts off — edit/remove frames to end the video footage at a good point determined by you.
  6. create a brief closing slide with contact info based on your brand image you have created
  7. Render and export your video and place onto your blog.
  8. Submit BOTH PSDs and a link to your blog post.
  9. On your blog, answer: What did you think of video editing inside PS? Have you done video editing before in another program? Which one?  ***Make sure to state for educational purposes only.

NOTE: For this degree program, you should be on CS6 or higher. If not, you don’t have the exact same steps for video creation. If you are on PhotoShop CS5 or prior, you need to also watch this video so you can understand animations and keyframes: http://www.lynda.com/Edge-Animate-tutorials/Creating-animations/108880/118205-4.html

For this week’s Design Showcase, we focused on adding graphic elements while also editing the video within Photoshop.

I started this week by following through the initial video exercise from the assignment. I completed the edits side-by-side with the instructor, until he added the additional design elements, where I simply watched the presentation to learn about the fade, clipping, and key frame components of editing videos.

Starting in a separate new document, I went about creating a new logo for the company. I chose a san serif font for the primary name of Ojai and a serif font for the rest of the company name “Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” Additionally, I colored the text an olive green and a branch brown, respectively. Then, I arranged the text in such a way that it was stacked, adjusting the leading and tracking to create a “blocked” logo feel. I added an vector based olive from some previous work, to bring in a graphical element.

Returning to the video, I then set about cutting and editing the video. I started with the opening card, using the layers from the logo file, having the transition in, then out into the introduction of the owner.

Next, I added in the lower-third title slide for the owner, and left the “Ojai” part of the company name with an opacity in the lower left of the screen. I used the Position and Opacity selection to obtain the effect I was looking to create. I attempted to capture the name of the owner to use as his formal title to lend some authenticity to the video. The background and the text were then transitioned out of view using the same type of keyframe movements.

After some additional editing of the video to get it down to be more focused on the production of the actual olive oil from the olives, I added the end card which returned the elements from the opening slate adding in a fictitious web address. The “Ojai” part of the company name, instead of appearing or flying back in, was moved and enlarged from the lower corner with the other three elements appearing and moving back into frame.

Overall, it was interesting editing video content in Photoshop. I’ve not done much in the way of video editing, beside iMovie and Microsoft Movie Maker. I think this was probably closest to my experience with editing animation in Flash nearly 10 years ago. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience. I know my video isn’t exactly as polished as I’d like it to be, but additional experience and practice would probably make for some great video editing skills alongside photos.

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