Week 15 Discussion Post

December 3, 2014

An easy discussion post as I know you have a lot going on these final weeks.

Answer in complete sentences and with WHY on each:

  1. What was your favorite project to work on in this class?
  2. What assignment of yours are you most proud of the outcome? (it may be a design item or discussion post; could be the same as #1, but explain why you are proud of that work).
  3. What Photoshop tip was your favorite?
  4. What non-PS item will you “take away” from this class? (i.e. design tip, marketing tip, theory, etc).
  1. My favorite project to work on for this class would probably have been Week 5 where we completed creative for an existing company’s IMC. I chose MINI USA which is such a fun brand. Afterward, I felt more confident in my design skills knowing that if I was dropped into a new or unknown-to-me brand, I might survive the initial creative/design barriers to learning how to activate a brand’s IMC.
  2. I feel my most proud assignment was probably Week 12 for Infographics. As I shared in my blog post, designing infographics before this assignment intimidated me. It’s probably the most trepidation of an assignment I’ve had thus far in the program, which is why I found comfort in process. I made sure to take each step of the creative process, including sketching and note taking, to ensure I had a direction to follow. While I know there is still room for improvement with the final submitted work, it’s much stronger than I thought I would created when I started.
  3. I think my favorite tip has been learning all the different ways to incorporate images/layers into a working file. The Place Linked/Embedded, the stack option, drag and drop have all come in handy in various steps throughout projects for both this class and others. While I still lean on the Place Embedded, the drag and drop layers from one file to another is great when I’m using a larger or two monitors. However, the lighting effects we learned this week might be a very close second. I’m going to have to find some time to play around with the different settings to learn more.
  4. Overall, the biggest non-Photoshop item I’ll take away is an affirmation of the value of process, even in creative work. I guess I’ve always thought of the “creative process” as one being without structure, steps, documentation, that sort of thing. It was great to see how process and workflow (which I use for all my day-to-day efforts) is just as important, if not more so, to developing outstanding, eye-catching design.

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