8 Absurd Penthouse Antics

January 2, 2015

I recently returned from an 11-day cruise aboard the Norwegian Pearl. As I've shared previously,  about a week before sailing, I was upgraded to a 550 sq ft penthouse. Besides the initial shock of learning I'd have a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite entirely to myself, it got my friends and I thinking about what to do with all the extra space.

Creative minds being what they were, we compiled a list of "absurd penthouse antics" and quickly made plans, combined with a bit of shopping, to complete as many as possible.

Each day for the next seven days, I'll post my #AbsurdPenthouseAntic of the day, complete with a bit of backstory and a photo or video, each getting a bit more absurd. Also, feel free to submit your ideas on what you'd do if you had 550+ sq ft aboard a cruise ship for nearly two weeks. Keep it clean, cause trust me, we didn’t in our initial list 🙂

First, how did we define absurd? Well, it couldn't be crude, offensive/inappropriate, or unsafe. I had to actually be able to bring the items aboard ship, and not damage the room in any way. I didn't want to pay for those refurbishing fees. Most importantly, it had to be funny, at least to us.

Here we go, #AbsurdPenthouseAntic


No. 1 – Have one bathroom for ones, and another one for twos

Absurd Penthouse Antic No. 1

It may just be me in the room, but that doesn't mean I have to be uncivilized. Plus, with one of the WC's having a glass door, a little extra privacy isn't such a bad thing.

No. 2 – Rent out the second bedroom


Why not help cover some of the expenses? After all, my penthouse came complete with it's own inside stateroom. At $30/day, it's "such a deal."

No. 3 – A room for hats

Absurd Penthouse Antic 3 - Room for Hats

Women may dream of a room just for their shoes, but I only brought three pairs with me. However, my friends know I like to wear hats almost all the time (except at work). Therefore, why not a room dedicated to just my hats; showcased for easy selection throughout the day. Yes, I wear different hats throughout the day.

No. 4 – Fly a Kite

Absurd Penthouse Antic No. 4 - Fly a Kite

It's easy to fly a kite in the balcony when you have enough space for the line of string. Whether in port or at sea, flying a kite can be both fun and relaxing.

No. 5 – Beer Pong on the His & Hers Vanity


With plenty of counter space, who needs a folding table or actual table tennis court? A few red cups and you're set for the game to go down. Plus, the bathroom is nearby making it nonstop fun with beer.

No. 6 – A room we don't talk about or enter

#AbsurdPenthouseAntic No. 6

Nuff said …

No. 7 – Big Game Hunting

#AbsurdPenthouseAntic No. 7 - Big Game Hunting

Someone's got to take care of those pesky varmints when they start to invade all the open territory. This one is so good, I needed both a photo and video to capture.

No. 8 – A Camping Room

#AbsurdPenthouseAntic No. 8 - Indoor Camping

At least one of the 11 days should require a "sense of where you came from" and include sleeping under the stars … in a tent … in the dining area … of the penthouse.

Total cost was about $40 (only $15 if you take out the items I already owned). Thank you to my friends, especially Laura and those at work who validated some of the funny ideas, while also contributing to the list.

What would be your  #AbsurdPenthouseAntic? Post your ideas and comments below. If you're going on a cruise and happen to have the available space, consider recreating the above or others suggestions, OR share your own ways you've used your penthouse absurdly.

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