7 Things to Remind You Your Home from a Cruise Vacation

February 24, 2015

 Here’s my list of what reminds me that I’m back home from a cruise vacation (although I’m writing it while on a ship … so we’ll see how this post evolves).

  1. You miss turndown service complete with mints or chocolates on your pillows each night. There is something nice about having your bed crawl-in-ready.
  2. Five course meals with no prices. Soup, salad, appetizer, entree, and of course dessert? Duh! But making that at home, or ordering out at a restaurant when you return home can be pricey and no where near as fun as not having to do the dishes or fork over your credit card.
  3. Dessert with dinner AND lunch AND breakfast. Yeah, we added breakfast because how many sweet roles did we eat with pancakes or eggs or waffles? Oatmeal goes to the wayside for a chocolate croissant every time.
  4. An insatiable craving for a pretzel roll. This one might be just for me, but I was first introduced to the pretzel roll on my first cruise 7+ years ago and I make it a point to grab one from the buffet, even if I’m just passing through. Those golden brown baked balls of goodness are amazing and I have seriously considered booking a weekend cruise just to get my hands on a few. Delicious as a sandwich or by itself, maybe with a little mustard and butter.
  5. You adjust your step to accommodate for the movement of a ship that isn’t under your feet. Getting your land legs back can be just as challenging as it was getting your initial sea legs.
  6. You’ve developed a new OCD tick to wash or sanitize your hands every 30 seconds. Not sure about all cruise lines, but does “washy, washy” make you start air rubbing your hands as if they’ve just been sprayed with rubbing alcohol? Yeah, we do it, too.
  7. You return home to your 700 sq ft apartment and marvel out loud, “look at all this space we have.” An approximate 140 sq ft bedroom, balcony and bathroom can give you a new perspective at what you’ve got.

 There are of course more, but these are my favorites. Post your top items that remind you that you’ve returned back to the real world from a cruise vacation.

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