Week 12 – Online Reputation

March 23, 2015

This week’s subject of online reputation management is both of interest and certainly a topic that I’ve been included in the subject in my professional life. While I can’t go into too much detail in a public forum such as this, I’ve certainly seen the effects and outcome of either not having the proper reputation management in place before it’s needed, and also the impact once it’s live.

I found the initial document on the Guide to Reputation Management of significant interest in not just examples of what has occurred, but also how to start measuring and managing the voices that are circulating online.

The one additional article provided that shared how online reputation management services have grown over the past few years has only demonstrated the increased need in businesses understanding what not just consumers are saying online about their products and brands, but also what the detractors are posting.

Overall, I think just a company should invest time and resources into monitoring and measuring their competition, a similar – albeit maybe not as large scaled – effort should be included into what is out there for your brand AND also how to address tackle.

The best advice I’d received in a social media conference a few years back, and I think it’s relevant for online reviews, social post, hate sites, etc. is to strive to correct fact and not opinions. If the data and information is accurate and on your side of the dialogue, common sense readers will understand and generally make informed decisions of what they’re reading. Correcting opinion, like “you suck,” is likely to only generate a fiery dialogue where no one wins and the brand may only walk out with a few bruises and black eyes, but likely much worse. No one wins in Twitter wars.

  1. How would you start to assess your “digital footprint” to determine the current status of your online reputation?
  2. What tactics would you include in a social media activation plan to ensure you’re capturing sentiment and other online reviews/content about a brand or company?

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