Module 5 Week 5 Lecture Discussion Post

June 12, 2015

Module 5 LDP: Persuasion and Conversational Maxims

Using what you’ve learned about persuasion models and conversational maxims, choose a company or organization and assign yourself the title of PR Executive. Then craft 1-2 messages for the company directed at their individual audience. Offer a a brief profile of the audience and how the message might make it through the persuasion process to affect behavioral change. Justify your messages with concepts from today’s lecture—explain why you did what you did. How “rich” are your messages and where would they fall on the media continuum? Is there a portion of your message that is implied, and if so what?

Whole Foods, Inc.


AUSTIN, Tx. – Whole Foods, Inc. announced today an increased its commitment to providing best-in-class grocery and foods by launching an entirely new product line of baby food and formula called GRŌ. The new products are specifically crafted by mothers, for mothers of newborns, infants and toddlers. All products feature are organic, comprised of hormone and GMO free ingredients, and are perfect for children ages newborn through toddler. Additionally, because GRŌ is available exclusively by Whole Foods, the prices are comparable to other store-brands.


Moms, now you and your kids can GRŌ with Whole Foods. Introducing all new formula and baby food that’s organic, hormone & GMO free, and crafted to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler. Learn more!


Now your baby can GRŌ with Whole Foods. Introducing new organic, safe formula & baby food for the littlest ones. Learn more!


Target Audience: recent or soon to be mothers looking for healthy, non-manipulated products to feed their children. Also target vegan/vegetarian mothers and families that may be looking for organic alternatives for their infants and children. Essentially, mothers that will do or spend anything for their children to ensure a healthy option for food and nutrition.

Value Statement: plays to the existing brand reputation of Whole Foods, its supply chain values, and the desire of mothers and parents to provide the absolute best for their children. Additionally, it plays to the “worry” element that food that isn’t created by Whole Foods or isn’t GRŌ may not be healthy or safe, if it contains hormones or genetically modified ingredients. The idea of “by mothers for mothers” adds a “seal of approval” as it were, to the product creation and brings validity that only another mother could truly understand what challenges they may face when providing healthy options for their children.

Persuasive Action: either convert existing mothers to the new product by showcasing healthy, safe, BETTER alternative, and added savings/value message by indicating it won’t cost more because it’s from Whole Foods.

Overall, the initial PR statement might be the “richest” of the messages, only because it contains the greatest amount of detail and possible attention-getting material. While the sample social posts are attention grabbing, they contain little specific information and are really designed to capture the fan/user and get them to engage in digesting/consuming more information.


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