12. New Zealand

October 4, 2015

Reasons to Visit

Located within the Pacific Rim, the country of New Zealand offers an array of wilderness and adventures that make it an enticing place to visit. From tropical coasts, to hiking and kayaking, to wonderful farm-fresh food, there’s something for everyone, but definitely for me.

Must See

  • Enjoy one of the many hikes or trails that makes New Zealand famous. As the travel site suggests, “At the very top of the South Island, explore the beautiful beaches, impressive rock formations and cheeky wildlife of glittering Abel Tasman National Park.”
  • A culinary adventure awaits with farm fresh food and seafood, plus a world-class viticulture scene with some of the best wines in the world being produced locally.
  • I love photography, and the scenic coasts, lush landscapes, and natural beauty make the country a photog’s dream.
  • The natural cave systems in New Zealand are some of the most impressive in the world. A spelunking adventure awaits for the novice to the experienced caver.
  • Standing as the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand, taking in the views of Auckland from Sky Tower should be up there on your list. Featuring great views of the city, plus bungee jumping, if that’s your thing.

New Zealand boasts a robust history of the Māori, which has become part of the spirit of the Kiwi culture. From dances to tattoos, to masks and meeting grounds, a unique culture is awaiting exploration.

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