Module 8 Week 8 Homework

October 11, 2015

Write a 4-point code of conduct for online strategic communications professionals. Include a description of each point. Search online for codes of conduct for more information before beginning.

Recommended reading:

  1. PRSA Code of Ethics:  
  2. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Code of Advertising Practice: 


As an online communications professional, I will strive to:

  • Create and share accurate, truthful, factual information. Whether curating original content, or sharing new information, it will be sourced directly or paraphrased in a fashion that does not mislead or misinform. Facts will be directly attributed to the appropriate source and used to properly frame a subject truthfully and effectively without opportunity for misconstruation or disinformation.
  • Act with responsibility and professionalism. In editorial or commentary of subject matter, events of the world, or other published content, views expressed will be respectful, based on research and first-person interviews and details. Opinions on a subject shall be provided free of hate, persecution and intolerance. Dialogue will be constructive so as to create a space and/or platform for knowledge sharing of thought, ideas and creativity.
  • Communicate with transparency and without anonymity. Any articles, posts, comments, feedback, and reviews will be associated directly to myself as the author, wherever and whenever possible. Sites promoting anonymity or preventing direct attribution will be avoided or taken to a site or platform allowing for said transparency. Additionally, collection or use of personally identifiable or anonymous tracking programs or data will be fully disclosed and shared with users prior to access of content or submission of personal information, including but not limited to email address, name, IP address, etc.
  • Act with the best of public interest. In sharing critical, important information relevant to a primary or secondary audience, content and communication will not be withheld or altered to serve a purpose. It will be shared in a timely fashion, free of inaccuracies or collusion from interested parties within both the community and the subject matter communicated.

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