10. South Africa

October 17, 2015

Reasons to Visit:

There are two main cities worth visiting in South Africa, specifically Johannesburg (Joburg) and Cape Town. Both provide a unique history and opportunities to see natural wildlife, while also providing the opportunity to jump off to other parts of Africa, should the adventure warrant (thinking safari).

Must See:

  • Take a journey back to a time when there was much needed growth and development for the citizens of South Africa at the Apartheid Museum. The struggle for human rights should never be forgotten nor taken for granted.
  • As stated in the intro, it’s very easy to take a few days tour from Joburg and experience the African plains and go on safari. There are several tours available with various lengths of time. Guests should probably ensure they are participating in a conservation program, if possible.
  • Visit the Nelson Mandela square to get a sense of what this man not only meant to South Africans, but freedom on a global scale. He was arguably one of the most influential persons of the 20th century.
  • Maybe it’s because I grew up with the Atlantic ocean in my backyard, but I’ve had a fascination with sharks, and even more specifically the Great White Shark most of my life. Who didn’t fear the original JAWS movie, and wouldn’t want to swim in shark infested waters? Yeah, I’m that crazy, but it’s possible in Cape Town.
  • A culinary scene has emerged in Cape Town that makes many great restaurants possible. From traditional fare, to new, cutting edge dishes, there are places to dine for all delights.

If shopping for local arts and traditional crafts is on your list, and occasionally it is for me, then why not stop by a local market or two and select from handmade artistry and custom works of art?

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