Module 11 Week 11 Homework

November 3, 2015


Question 1: Why model of CSR is most persuasive to you, and why?

Question 2: Some say that businesses have one goal – to make money. Therefore, CSR initiatives are irrelevant to businesses. Discuss the argument for and against this viewpoint.


Q1. I think based on both the readings and personal experience with CSR, for me it’s the impact it can have on other organizations, causes, or efforts outside of an organization. Whether it be environmental or societal, the impacts of a strong CSR program and both positive for the recipients of the activity and the corporation itself. I think that the most persuasive is definitely those grounded in companies and organizations that have a foundation already in the efforts and aren’t attempting to integrate into a quasi failed fashion. Looking specifically at my company, we’ve rescued more than 26,000 animals in 30 years of history at no direct cost to our guests or the communities we work within. These animals receive the best of care and many are able to return back to the homes to continue their population and species diversity. This environmental impact certainly could be seen as self-serving, as some of the animals do remain in permanent care at the direction of the federal government, but in actuality it helps us be better stewards of our own environment, conservation and global research efforts.

Q2. While it is true that the very definition of a “for profit” business is to make money, there are obviously countless ways to approach these financial gains and successes. CSR, for many businesses, can have a financial and profitable impact for a business. While the research provided for this week’s subject indicates that consumers approach a business’ CSR either intrinsically or extrinsically, if the consumer is able to start or shift into the intrinsic viewpoint of a company, this can be extremely profitably. In previous classes, we’ve looked at Toms Shoes donates a pair of shoes for each pair purchased. Most consumers are immediately aware of the intrinsic value of this effort and therefore may shift their purchase behavior to a Toms shoe. While I don’t necessarily agree that CSR for a business isn’t profitable, I do believe the success, or “profitability” of a program or initiative can be measures in several other ways beyond direct dollar-for-dollar return on investment. Additionally, I could see the claim, especially for smaller businesses that are trying to get off the ground, that adding this layer into their company or business may be too costly and/or the funding may not be immediately available. I think this can be properly mitigated through other non-costly efforts, such as company volunteers, etc. Overall, CSR has a role in companies of any size and the programs, when executed correctly to generate an intrinsic consumer mindset, will lead to increased sales and thereby profits for the company.

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