4. Machu Picchu & Peru

November 29, 2015

Reasons to Visit:

I’ve been fascinated with the ancient tribes and cultures of Latin and South America. I’ve been fortunate to visit several ruin sites of the ancient Mayans, and the Incans of Peru have amazed me even more. Machu Picchu sits as a testament to the reign of these ancient people and what could be accomplished before modern technology. While much of Europe was in the Dark Ages, the Incas, Aztec and Mayans were constructing entire complexes dedicated to the leaders and deities.

Must See:

  • Another site from our UNESCO World Heritage list, the main complex of Machu Picchu is top of the list for those visiting this illustrious country.
  • The Inca Trail, one of the ways to reach the ancient ruins, is perfect for those looking for an outdoor adventure and experience similar to those of 500+ years ago on their way to the city.
  • Machu Picchu is situated within the Sacred Valley, which in and of itself is stunning and should be experienced by land or air to truly take it in.
  • The gateway to the ancient city is Cuzco, a colonial Spanish city that has a character and charm of its own.

Not to be missed, as it holds a weird part of my childhood video games, but the ancient Nazca Lines. Visible from the sky, these huge markings made into the ground have fascinated archaeologists on their original purpose and intention. Stories range from signals to ancient aliens, to offerings for the gods.

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