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February 15, 2017

Two years and one day ago, aboard a chartered cruise ship, I was exposed to something different, life changing, exciting, challenging, and inspirational. I wish I could say it was the ocean, or the destination, but actually it was my yoga practice.

I was traveling my friend Lorelie aboard the Norwegian Pearl for the second Sail Across The Sun Cruise, also known as the Train cruise. It was Valentine’s day, and as a regular yogi herself, she suggested I join her for the morning flow on the pool deck. It was challenging, crowded, awkward with the ship moving at sea just off the coast of my home town in the Florida Keys (coincidence?), but I enjoyed it. So much so, two days later when the ship anchored at the private island, we managed to get ashore in time for beach yoga.

Since then, I’ve attended a one-day camp, enjoyed at least 100 sessions of mind, body, and spirit, and have truly fallen in love with my practice. Tonight, in an hour heated flow, I was able to challenge myself and meet new personal bests. While not the goal of yoga, adding new or stronger positions into a personal practice can be very rewarding.

I’m excited as I enter my third year of practice, and hope that in the future to even challenge myself, both physically and mentally with immersive teacher training.


What are your thoughts on physical activities? Have you tried yoga before? What were your thoughts or how long have been been practicing your flow?

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