Been Too Long

November 12, 2017

Other than a busy schedule, there’s no excuse for my absence from my blog. There’s more content to add, but here are a few highlights:

  • Done some more traveling, specifically to the 2017 Music Midtown festival in Atlanta and Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas. More to come.
  • Survived yet another hurricane, this time Irma which made a pass near my hometown and then up this way to my current home. Lots of trees lost and six days without power. Fun.
  • Became a full-time employee working for Olive Garden. Lots of exciting projects to come and working on a known national brand is cool.
  • Lots of music. So much music. Did I mention live music (see bullet above)? I’ll be posting videos soon, and even more shows to come in the next year. Definitely been a fun year for live music.

So that wasn’t much, but has been a lot. I hope to get more info posted over the holidays, as I usually catch up on photo editing, Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.


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