Task Risks


January 21, 2018

My decision to write about, “Take Risks,” coincided with our learning of the third Chakra; the right to act, to make. I like when life works that way 😉

I define myself as a risk assessor. I’m not afraid to take risks and to take a risk-based approach to both work and life. “If I make x decision, how will that impact y and/or z?” At work, it’s largely project or expense focused. At home, it may be a trip, a larger purchase, … or even Yoga Teacher Training.

I have no problems with risks or even taking them, assuming I know how to mitigate the “worst-case scenario.” This can bleed into overthinking, and occasionally does. I believe it’s in taking risks, or even considering them, that we learn, grow, experience life and all its bountiful wealth.

I’ve taken some pretty big risks in my life. From quitting a stable job in the worst economy in decades, to traveling to the otherside of the world, alone, to a foreign country where I wouldn’t know a single word of the native tongue. Both experiences, and all the others in between, have worked out better than I could have expected. Even better than my risk assessment predicted.

In life we have choices. We can take the easier, simpler, less risky path. And while there is nothing wrong with this approach, for me it would lead to stagnation, regret, and no growth within my community.

Taking risks is part of being human. The ability to consider, contemplate, and decide separates us from instinctual behavior and places us in a unique class of creatures who occupy our universe.

What risks have you taken, or considered taking in 2018? Have you taken that risk? Are you still considering it, or have you walked away? Why?

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