Trust Your Gut.


April 10, 2018

Simple enough, unless your gut tells you the opposite of society, family, friends, bosses, mentors, whomever may challenge us.

The fact is, your intuition is your personal, and often moral, compass. It can ensure you’re headed in the right direction; that you’re not drifting into perilous waters or terrain.

Your gut can be your strongest asset, or your biggest obstacle.

I’ve learned mine will keep from from self destruction. It will keep me from harm or making harmful final decisions.

I would be lying to you if I’ve said I’ve always listened to my gut. It’s a complex situation. What may feel “right” may not be what your gut instinctively tells you to do. Societal, ethical, professional, and other influences may contradict that sensation of doing the, “right thing.”

Regardless of the influence, you should feel free to trust your gut. Regardless of if it’s the “right,” decision, way more often than not, it’s the right decision for YOU, and therefore will feel right once you follow it.

Trust your gut. It will guide you where your head, heart, or other areas won’t and likely into the direction that’s perfect for you at the moment.

When you you trusted your gut? Or not? What was the outcome? Do you wish you’d done the alternative?

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