Express Gratitude


June 11, 2018

It’s not hard to say, “thank you,” or, “thanks.” And yet, every day I see people choose not to share a simple expression of gratitude.

I understand. We all have things we’re doing; we’re trying to accomplish. Life isn’t easy or fair. Often the one with whom we interact isn’t the one who sets the policy, procedure or action, she or he is simply the one executing the policy.

But the expression of gratitude goes beyond the simple words. It’s also in the delivery. A smile, hand shake or wave, can make the expression more meaningful and memorable.

Gratitude is always well received. Modesty sometimes shadows its receipt, but everyone appreciates acknowledgement through the incredibly simple, albeit requiring sincerity, meaning of a thanks.

It’s not simply the act of saying the words. It’s also the intent, the flection, the sincerity of the delivery which is part of the expression. Without it, it’s no different than a, “goodbye,” in that it simply ends an interaction or conversation point.

When was the last time you expressed gratitude? Were you really grateful, or simply polite? When was the last time you’d anticipated a thank you but either didn’t receive or didn’t feel it was sincere? How did that make you feel? (see item seven in Mean What You Say)

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