Believe In Your Power


June 23, 2018

Like others from this list, belief in your own power and capabilities can be VERY challenging. We each possess unique skills, talents, interests and achievements. Combined, they make each of us distinguished in the only way we can be.

This uniqueness has power. Through experience, learned knowledge, personal and emotional strength, each of us can bring a strength, energy or power to a situation.

While society tells us to embrace our diversity; our individuality, recent events have shown we’re too divided and not using our own power for GOOD!

Each of us MUST activate and share our unique sets of skills, talents, experiences with the world. We must use our power to enact change. Regardless of your personal, political, religious beliefs, we are all part of the same human civilization. Neither gender, sexual orientation, marital status, what have you, can change our role on this blue ball.

Embrace your power. Believe in it. Use it to make the world around you a better place.

When was the last time you weren’t sure you had the power, ability, or strength to enact change? Did you find your power? Did you believe in yourself and what you could accomplish?

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