Don't Take No for an Answer


November 13, 2018

Probably my unofficial, indirect mantra. I seldom will take, “no,” for an answer.

To be abundantly clear, I’m writing within the context of what’s legal, other individuals rights, and not in any way pushing myself onto someone else. There are zero grounds or tolerance for such behavior, all of which is inexcusable.

I believe to live this mantra in the spirit of challenging the status quo, upsetting the apple cart, not allowing others to dictate or drive your direction. I cannot list the number of times at work I’ve been told something wasn’t possible, doable, or achievable. Only after a bit more pushing and digging have we found out that the, “no,” can become a, “maybe,” or, “yes.” Some of my best projects have developed just this way.

Of course boundaries and relationships should be respected. Turning a, “no,” into a, “yes,” requires tact, understanding and an approach that is as much learned as it is exemplified.

Don’t let someone shut down your dreams. Let each, “no,” be a gateway into a new path of, “yes.”

Have you been able to turn around a, “no?” How did it change you?

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