December 31, 2018

The most interesting for last. As I write this, it’s nearly the end of 2018 and the final entry in this series.

Generally, I’m drafting my personal year in review to share here. The highlights, the lower points; how the past 12 months have shaped up. And then I got here.

Don’t look back.

It’s probably the hardest. We’re ingrained that our past actions and experiences define who we are today or where we’re supposed to be tomorrow.

Notice, however, that it’s not, “never look back.” Speaking in absolutes is troublesome at best. Instead, we’re reminded not to dwell on the past. We should use our personal and collective history to help us make informed decisions.

I find myself often recalling the past. Remembering what went well, more often what didn’t. That’s on me and something worth improving in the new year.

I’ll look back at 2018 and remember the music I enjoyed, the travels I ventured, the accomplishments and projects I completed, and the memories I made along the way.

Don’t look back. Look forward with a watchful eye on the rear view mirror.

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