MMC6400 Web Theory

Module 13 Week 13 Reading Response Post

August 6, 2015

For this RRP, let’s have some fun and focus on the interactive nature of websites. The two items below offer some examples of sites that encourage user-generated content or are …

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Module 13 Week 13 Lecture Discussion Post

As designers are you giving the audience ample opportunity to interact with your sites? Are you incorporating other avenues for online communication like social media that resonate with your audiences? …

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Module 12 Week 12 Lecture Discussion Post

July 31, 2015

Media Systems Dependency Probably the largest change for me with the media has been that I now receive most of my “breaking news” and information initially from Facebook. It seems …

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Module 12 Week 12 Reading Response Post

July 30, 2015

Social Responsibility Theory SRT Question: Based on this excerpt from the reading: “Communication is that part of social activity wherein there is dissemination of information, entertainment and educative exchanges intended …

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Module 11 Week 11 Reading Response Post

July 26, 2015

Business Review Article – Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign I distinctly remember when this campaign launched last year and the Public Relations disaster it created. While I understood the Corporate Social Responsibility …

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Module 11 Week 11 Lecture Discussion Post

For this LDP, I want you to utilize the study done by McCorkindale and Morgoch (2013) from this week’s readings: An analysis of the mobile readiness and dialogic principles on …

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Module 10 Week 10 Lecture Discussion Post

July 19, 2015

In our first research paper this week, we look at the effect of Internet advertising within the travel industry in purchase attitude and intent. This particular study directly relates to …

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Module 9 Week 9 Reading Response Post

July 11, 2015

How Cell Phones are Empowering Women in the Developing World The article brings forward the knowledge gap between men and women in many of these countries and cultures. Before reading, …

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Module 9 Week 9 Lecture Discussion Post

Choose 2-3 of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions from slide 3 in the lecture and relate it to digital communication use in your own culture. Feel free to use personal examples where …

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Module 8 Week 8 Reading Response Post

July 5, 2015

Media Dissociation, Internet Use, and Antiwar Political Participation: A Case Study of Political Dissent and Action Against the War in Iraq “Structural equation modeling revealed that the more the individuals …

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