VIC5325 Digital Imagery in Web Design

Week 15 Design Showcase

December 6, 2014

Instructions Your assignment is to design an e-holiday card that UF could send out. (Could be from the alumni association, from athletics, from a college, UF as a whole — …

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Week 15 Discussion Post

December 3, 2014

An easy discussion post as I know you have a lot going on these final weeks. Answer in complete sentences and with WHY on each: What was your favorite project …

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Week 14 Design Showcase

November 29, 2014

Instructions Your assignment this week is to design one (1) screen of a mobile shopping app for the iPad. (Due to Retina displays obviously wanting higher resolution, we are not …

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Week 14 Discussion Post

Based on what you learned about in lecture this week for app best practices, answer: What are 3 best practices that go into designing a mobile app? (there are more, …

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Week 13 Design Showcase

November 22, 2014

Instructions Your assignment this week is to edit a video and its branding graphics inside PhotoShop. Log into through UF and use your UFID. (Go here: and click …

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Week 13 Discussion Post

November 20, 2014

What are three benefits to having video be part of an IMC campaign? How has mobile technology affected video? Make sure to cite at least one outside source that is …

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Week 12 Discussion Post

November 15, 2014

If you have used the pen tool before: Why is the pen tool (vector tool) an option in a typically raster program like PhotoShop? Have you used the pen tool …

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Week 12 Design Showcase

November 14, 2014

Instructions Make sure to watch the required videos posted under Lessons to give you ideas on how to use PS to design an infographic/use the pen tool for infographics. Design …

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Week 11 Design Showcase

November 8, 2014

Instructions Now that you’ve learned about social media channels and how brand image is an integral part to these channels, let’s create some designs for these channels. Choose a brand …

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Week 11 Discussion Post

November 5, 2014

Instagram is a fast-growing social media channel for brands to not only share product images, but a chance to share brand essence. Share 3 of your favorite brands on Instagram. …

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