Week 10 Discussion Post

October 30, 2014

After reading this week’s readings, share a screenshot of an email you’ve received recently that struck you as well designed. What about this email particularly caught your eye? Are there …

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Week 9 Discussion Post

October 23, 2014

After reading this week’s readings, answer: Why are infographics important to design? Why do you think their popularity has grown? Must use one additional outside source as a citation in …

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Week 8 Discussion Post

October 15, 2014 After reading this week’s article (link in lessons), why do you think wireframing is important to web design? Find an additional source to help prove your points. Wireframing is …

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Week 7 Discussion Post

October 7, 2014

Let’s build up everyone’s list of resources to turn to with this week’s discussion! Why is it important to pay attention to whether an image is royalty-free or licensed? What …

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Week 6 Discussion Post

October 1, 2014

What makes a successful logo? Share an example of a local business in your area that you feel has a great logo. Why do you think it works? (Make sure …

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Week 5 Design Showcase

September 26, 2014

Instructions The goal with this week’s assignment is to not only sharpen those PS skills, but to showcase your understanding of IMC. Design For this assignment, choose one of your …

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Week 5 Discussion Post

September 25, 2014

Read/watch this week’s assigned readings/videos prior to completing this. We will be reviewing in class the overall concept of IMC as well if you want to wait until then. Explain …

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Week 4 Design Showcase

September 20, 2014

Instructions This assignment is focused on playing with layer styles, typography and creating a laid out graphic. I will show you an example of this assignment in class on Tuesday. …

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Week 3 Discussion Post

September 10, 2014

As we get into editing images/composing images, let’s discuss a bit about the ethical side of PhotoShop. After reading this week’s online articles on this topic, answer: Why do you …

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Week 1 Discussion Post

August 28, 2014

Answer the following so we can get to know you better, in addition to your introductions you did in class. Insert 5 images into your post that represent your personal …

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