Digital Layout

Week 12 Design Showcase

November 14, 2014

Instructions Make sure to watch the required videos posted under Lessons to give you ideas on how to use PS to design an infographic/use the pen tool for infographics. Design …

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Week 10 Discussion Post

October 30, 2014

After reading this week’s readings, share a screenshot of an email you’ve received recently that struck you as well designed. What about this email particularly caught your eye? Are there …

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Week 9 Discussion Post

October 23, 2014

After reading this week’s readings, answer: Why are infographics important to design? Why do you think their popularity has grown? Must use one additional outside source as a citation in …

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Week 8 Discussion Post

October 15, 2014 After reading this week’s article (link in lessons), why do you think wireframing is important to web design? Find an additional source to help prove your points. Wireframing is …

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Week 4 Discussion Post

September 16, 2014

Read this: and then read this: and refer to your Class 8 reading assignment: Answer the following: Do you agree with this week’s readings that print is …

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