2016 … Wait, What?

Pulse Tribute at Orlando Pride Parade

December 30, 2016

I don’t want to write this. I’ve been avoiding it for weeks. Actually, a lot of it was never written because I was avoiding most of it throughout the year. …

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Best Meals of 2016

1409 Burger at NOVA Restaurant

December 14, 2016

It’s the time of year for countdowns and reviews. With that, an idea I read about on for top restaurants or meals made me think, “What and where were my …

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Scotland Adventure

Old Course at St. Andrews

October 20, 2016

Unfortunately, because of how busy the trip was, I’m writing this journal entirely retrospective. It’s not my preferred process, but was necessary for a good reason. As such, it’s written …

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Scotland – Days 8 & 9 – The Kelpies

The Kelpies

October 19, 2016

My last two days were quieter than the previous week, but we did find some time for exploring, mostly on Day 7 at The Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel.

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Scotland – Day 5 – Loch Ness

Highland Coo

October 14, 2016

The best laid plans … we were supposed to do a RIB tour of Loch Ness, but due to a lack of interest of others to join us, we didn’t …

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Scotland – Day 4 – Highlands

Eilean Donan Castle

October 13, 2016

It was time for the first of two two-day road trips as we ventured north into the Scottish Highlands. We spent the day making our way to Eilean Donan Castle …

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Scotland – Day 2 – St. Andrews

Old Course at St. Andrews

October 11, 2016

My first full day in Scotland, and second day of touring included a visit to see the Forth Bridge, as well as all that St. Andrews has to offer. Very …

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Scotland – Day 1 – Glasgow

Glasgow Skyline

October 10, 2016

After an overnight trip to Scotland, my friends picked me up at the airport. A full Scottish breakfast later and we hit the highlights of the city. Here are a …

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15. Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

Eilean Donan Castle

September 13, 2015

Reasons to Visit I’ve always been drawn to the countries of my family heritage, specifically Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. While I’ve carried a German surname, my family is actually predominantly …

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