Week 8 Discussion Post

October 15, 2014


After reading this week’s article (link in lessons), why do you think wireframing is important to web design? Find an additional source to help prove your points.

Wireframing is an incredibly important part of the design process for websites or really any digital/interactive computer software interface. The process allows for specific content or feature requirements to be presented simple and clean to clients before creative is applied. Additionally, with wireframes, you can make changes easier without the need to change or resize images or adjust colors/styles.

This year, I’ve tried to incorporate the wireframe process into even simpler design projects, like landing pages and content refreshes. While it has increase project times by a week or two, the results have been stronger creative, better design work with fewer rounds of revisions, and faster execution of design to code.

While it’s the first tool referenced in this week’s reading, I’ve used Balsamiq for wireframing for both work and school. It’s been a great resource and has been welcomed by leadership with ease.

Orbit Media Studios has a great article about the 7 Reasons Why Wireframing is Important to Web Design and while I agree with all seven reasons, it’s specifically “pushes usability to the forefront” and “helps make the design process iterative” that I believe are truly the strongest.

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