Week 13 Discussion Post

November 20, 2014

  1. What are three benefits to having video be part of an IMC campaign? How has mobile technology affected video? Make sure to cite at least one outside source that is different from the assigned readings to bolster the points you make.
  2. (Will be able to answer after class on Tuesday): After watching class, what was one tip or takeaway you got from our videographer guest speaker?

Video is an incredibly important part of a user’s experience with a brand and should be included in all IMC work wherever possible. From a full-on brand shoot with high-end production, to the social scrappy side of Vine and Instagram, there’s a fit for video into any brand and budget to engage the consumer in a true 360 sight, sound and experience of a brand.

Mobile smartphone usage is almost ubiquitous to consumers not just within the US, but around the world. The growth is in the high double digits, with mobile video usage increasing by more than 89 percent. Additionally, the consumption of video crosses all demographics, with “Mobile video is fueled by the young, but older folks are catching up (Digiday 9/9/14). Moreover, the increase in second-screen user behavior as users engage with television or other media and then simultaneously use laptops, tablets and smartphones have further increased video engagement.

From our guest lecturer on Tuesday, I would find that the greatest takeaway was understanding how many different types of video formats are available and how to create graphics and photographs for video segments. Additionally, I wasn’t aware of different types of pixels. I hope I’ll find a way to learn more about this and how it impacts design work for the web.

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