Module 13 Week 13 Reading Response Post

August 6, 2015

For this RRP, let’s have some fun and focus on the interactive nature of websites. The two items below offer some examples of sites that encourage user-generated content or are considered interactive sites. Peruse each item, choose 2-3 of the websites listed in either, and discuss their methods for encouraging interactivity and/or user-generated content. Place these methods within the greater context of mass communication theory using any of the theories we’ve discussed this semester. Most of all, have fun with your analyses!

User-generated Content (Links to an external site.)

Interactive Sites (Links to an external site.)


The first site I selected to review from was as admittedly the beer aspect was intriguing. The site features a dual-screen experience where users are prompted to navigate to a unique URL on their smartphone to complete the experience.

Essentially, the phone becomes the way in which a user fills the virtual beer glass using a virtual button to control the tap, and tilting the phone to adjust how the glass gets filled. Once the mug is completed, users are encouraged to share the experience.

The site becomes more like a game and brings about a physical interactivity within the sites action beyond a computer mouse or keyboard. I honestly had never had an online experience quite like this one until I had visited the site. While the interaction was unique, I’m not sure I completely understood what the intention was for the site. It did provide an instant gratification with the virtual experience, but it was unclear to me “why” I should share the site. While kind of fun the first time, what’s in it for the brand?

The second site I selected from the listed site was which is a design and creative agency firm. The site features a single-scroll with a lot of animated experiences along the way.

What I enjoyed about the site, beyond its clean look and simple color scheme, was the spontaneous animations that activated as a simply scrolled down the site. Given the site is designed to showcase the creative talents of the company, the website does a great job of showcasing that to its users.

The site tends to lead with interactivity theory in communicating ideas and concepts. The agenda of the site is clear, “book us for your business.” Overall, I think I’d like to see “more” somehow in either substance or in providing an existing “book of business” to showcase other clientele. In doing so, the site’s designer could add reputation and validity to their work and provide context for its users.

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