14. Germany

September 20, 2015

Reasons to Visit

Another country and culture that makes up my family heritage, I’ve only been to Germany through the airport in Frankfurt. However, of my friends and family who have visited the nation, only very positive stories, experiences, and history have been shared back. While the country has a tumultuous past, it’s still a part of our global history and today Germany and its citizens contribute tremendously to a global economy and culture.

Must See

  • Besides being a UNESCO world-heritage site, Cologne Cathedral ’s also been the site of papal visits in recent history and has a long history within the country.
  • For theme park fans, Europa-Park is one of the leading theme parks in the world, and features many newly designed attractions and rides before they are considered for stateside construction.
  • With so many cities with history in this amazing country, none would be more of a miss than not visiting Berlin. From the Berlin Wall and its fall, to the Brandenburg Gate, to the various distinctive districts that make up this once fractured city.
  • If schedules permit, I’m not sure any trip to Germany would be complete without a stop to Munich during the famed Oktoberfest. This festival of beer, German food, and traditional music is often imitated throughout the world.
  • The Black Forest of Germany is known for more than the chocolate cake that carries the same name. From the mythical gnomes to the fairy tale fantasies, this forest has inspired arts and literature beyond its aesthetic beauty.
  • With a need for speed, the German Autobahn features one of the smoothest, fastest, and best highways in the world. The road is not for the timid, but when driven properly, it can be an excellent way to travel (and a greater understanding behind German auto engineering).
  • The Rhine River is one of the main waterways of Germany, and not only is beautiful in it’s own charm, but is a great way to travel through the country via a river cruise.
  • Food and Beer. Period. From strogonoff, to schnitzel, spaetzle and strudel. Combined with unfiltered wheat hefeweizen, what is there not to enjoy?

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