9. St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia

October 24, 2015

Country: Russia

Reasons to Visit:

For me, there’s a spirit and an awe to the country of Russia, largely I believe due to its lengthy, challenged and diverse history with the United States. Even while I type this, our two countries are at odds over various international disputes that have roots seeded in decades of mistrust post World War II. That being said, there are two beautiful cities worth exploring in this hardened but enlightened country.

Must See:

  • Moscow’s Red Square is top of the list of historical and culturally significant places to visit while in the city. In many ways, it bears the heart and weight of the Russian people’s soul.
  • Within a few steps of Red Square is St. Basil’s Cathedral, honoring the patron saint with whom it’s named. While still in need of some repair, the church is often confused for the Kremlin, due to its proximity. Don’t be fooled by this internationally recognized landmark and the history for which it carries.
  • Speaking of the Kremlin, this head of state residence has been designed and engineered to showcase the power and strength of the Soviet and now Russian government.
  • No trip to Russia would be complete without taking in the ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre, a favorite form of entertainment of the previous Czars, ballet is raised to its highest level within the Russian culture.
  • Moving on to another great city, St. Petersburg, Russia is home to the Hermitage Museum¬†and an excellent collection of artwork from around the world. In addition to seasonal displays, the museum houses permanent collections from around the globe and includes many artifacts from the history of Russia itself.
  • As someone who can’t visit an ancient city without at least one stop to a church or cathedral, The Naval Church of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt has a diverse history within its short 100 year existence. Built once for Russian Orthodox services, and only recently reconsecrated for such services, the church was used as a cinema and offices for most of its existence.
  • Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by Faberge eggs and the family’s history’s the the Romanoffs. A visit to the Faberge Museum is definitely on the list of this great city.

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