6. Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan

November 15, 2015

Reasons to Visit:

The country of Japan, specifically Tokyo and Kyoto, have been fascinating for me as long as I can remember. While there’s been a lot of challenges after the tsunami and nuclear disaster at the Fukushima power plant, there’s been something about the noble heritage, the culture, food and the history have intrigued me for decades. While I’ve been able to make it to China a few years ago, there wasn’t time to stop for a visit to this amazing country.

Must See:

  • Take a walk into the imperial past of Japan with a visit to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. While there, take in the Imperial Gardens next door.
  • Boasting one of the largest collections of art and artifacts of Japanese culture, a trip to the Tokyo National Museum will both educate and entertain.
  • If the weather is clear, why not enjoy beautiful views of this modern city from the Tokyo Skytree tower.
  • Whether actual shopping, or just window shopping, is on your list, Shinjuku is one of the largest shopping districts in Tokyo.
  • For me, it’s history and culture that is one of my main attractions for travel, and Kyoto has no shortage of museums with collections covering art, history, manga, sake and more. I could probably get lost for days visiting just those that interest me.
  • Additionally, Kyoto features many temples and shrines identified as part of our world history and culture. 
  • From sushi, to noodles, to unique desserts and beverages, Kyoto features many culinary delights sure to add to any Japanese adventure.

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