3. Ancient Egypt

December 6, 2015

Reasons to Visit:

Another part of the world that has absolutely fascinated me for as long as I can remember, Egypt’s ancient and astonishing history is high on this list. From the history of the pharaohs, to the ancient cities and complexes built in the desert along the Nile river, I’ve always wanted to make a trip to these ancient ruins. Having studied Ancient Egypt in elementary and high school, and again in my Classics program at UF, my desire to visit goes beyond the Pyramids of Giza. Below is only a small part, but would be essential for me on any visit to this historic part of the world.

Must See:

  • We’ll start with the great Pyramids at Giza, only because they’re iconic and kind of a, “thing,” that shouldn’t be missed. While Anthony Bourdain did a special on Cairo without ever taking in this tourist trap, the construction and purpose of these structures shouldn’t be missed. Plus, there’s the Sphinx nearby.
  • While the ruins themselves provide an amazing impact into the ancient Egyptian monuments and feats of engineering, a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo will round out the experience. From mummies, to artifacts, to the Tutankhamun collection, entire days could be lost inside.
  • One of the best ways to see much of Ancient Egypt is via a Nile River cruise. With plenty of options and stops, it can be a low-cost, convenient way to see much of the ancient cities.
  • Before it was a hotel and casino resort in Las Vegas, the Temple at Luxor was a bustling city and former capital of Ancient Egypt. Many of the ruins within the complex are still standing and provide a glimpse into the once strong pharaohs.
  • Built as a temple to the sun god, Amun, and touted as the largest religious complex ever, the Temple at Karnak sheds light on the ancient religion of the Egyptians.
  • The construction of the large pyramids become too costly and time consuming for the pharaohs, who would later turn to the Valley of the Kings for their ascent into the afterlife. While many tombs were robbed over the centuries, it was the tomb of Tutankhamun that captured the modern world.

There are so many other ancient sites and ruins, that the list could drudge on, as Egyptologists would attest. Time and travel permitting, there are many options to expand into even lesser known attractions.

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