2. Angkor Wat & Cambodia

December 13, 2015

Reasons to Visit:

Not surprising at its place of No. 2 on my list that the temple complex at Angkor Wat has amazed me. It’s another location featured in a video game, as previous mentioned, that has captivated my imagination for decades. The architecture, the spirituality, the culture all come together to form the mystical, ancient world heritage site. “Angkor Wat, the largest monument of the Angkor group and the best preserved, is an architectural masterpiece. Its perfection in composition, balance, proportions, relief’s and sculpture make it one of the finest monuments in the world.

Must See:

  • Angkor Wat is actually the centerpiece of a massive temple complex constructed during the Khmer reign. There are many structures within the Angkor complex, with Wat being one of the most well preserved.
  • The complex stretches over 500 acres and while hiking and walking can provide a glimpse into the past, why not travel via bicycle. Plan your trip accordingly, to help avoid the crowds and the tourists of which you’re among.
  • Nearby to Angkor Wat are the ruins of Angkor Thom featuring massive stone faces. The complex also includes the state temple of Bayon.
  • Not sure where to begin? There are plenty of temples and ruins to explore and experience, each with a story of the empire that created them. A venture off the beaten path will likely lead to seldom seen constructs of an age long gone.
  • In order to visit the complex, it’s necessary to arrive and depart from Siem Reap, which in and of itself has it’s own mystery and charm and shouldn’t be missed.

Beyond the temples and ruins, there’s even more to experience. Why not take in some exotic food or experience the streets of Siem Reap in a Tuk Tuk.

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