March 5, 2018

One of the qualities I look for and admire in any relationship is authenticity. I have little to no tolerance for liars and hypocrites (who face it, are liars).

Leading by example, is an extension of “actions speak louder than words.” If you want people to follow your lead, you have to be willing to take it and lead by example. Even if you consider yourself a follower, another follower may look at you for the example.

With each decision, action, communication, engagement, we each display ourselves. It should be the truest, most accurate reflection of who we are, or who we want to be. In leading by example, I try each day to show I’m growing, understanding, nurturing, or communicating the best way I can.

It’s said that each moment is a, “teachable moment.” In this way, when we lead by example, we’re turning each moment into a leadership moment, even at the subconscious level.

How do you lead by example? In what ways are you showing your true self? How do you teach with each of your actions, words, or engagements?

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