Say What You Feel.


May 2, 2018

Feelings are largely universal. While most have them, many don’t know how to express them or to share with others.

I’m reminded of an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, where Data reminds Troy that feelings are neither positive or negative. It’s the action taken upon them which may be adversely impactful to yourself and others.

At the root of this is communication. Given almost all of us have feelings, why do we not express those feelings, sentiments more often? Men, in particular, are chastised, brought up to not share their feelings. It’s been deemed weak, insecure, and unmanly. Women, by contrast, are automatically assumed by society to be, “emotional,” and unable to suppress emotions or sharing them. Sharing too much, or expressing through physical actions is also considered weak, demure and unsophisticated.

Why then, are both unable to find a middle ground in sharing feelings? It’s not to say a feeling is right or wrong, neither is it good or bad. It does exist and can help others understand not just the situation, but also the way in which you’re experiencing and seek conclusion or continuation of the subject of the feeling.

When have you felt that you couldn’t say or share how you felt? How did that feel? Would you have done it differently? Will you do it differently?

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