Exceed Your Expectations


July 6, 2018

Imagine how hard it can be. You set a goal for yourself. Now you must achieve it, or BEAT it?!?

I believe the spirit of the quote is not grounded in setting too hard to achieve goals. The intention is to give yourself a realistic expectation and then work toward not just it, but even better.

We set expectations on ourselves; often too challenging to achieve either because of money, timing, or dedication. It’s the later that I believe sets the framework to exceed. Don’t place unrealistic expectations upon yourself, but make a simple plan once the goal is set.

Weight loss, saving for retirement, etc., can all be achievable goals. If they are grounded in reality, they can also be exceeded. A phobia can also be limiting. Overcoming that fear, or even embracing it, might exceed your wildest expectations.

When was the last time you set yourself a realistic expectation? Did you achieve it? Exceed it?

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