MMC6213 Strategic Communication & Ethics

Module 12 Week 12 Discussion Post

November 9, 2015

Crisis communications online – NCAA players’ benefits scandal READ: Sports fans as crisis communicators on social media websites You work in the strategic planning and communications office at the University …

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Module 11 Week 11 Discussion Post

November 5, 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility: BP Oil Spill READ: Case 4: BP struggles to resolve sustainability disaster (page 342). Answer the 3 questions on page 352.  Submit your answers to the Discussion …

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Module 11 Week 11 Homework

November 3, 2015

Chapter 2: Stakeholder relationships, social responsibility and corporate governance Chapter 4: The Institutionalization of business ethics Du, S., Bhattacharya, C. B., & Sen, S. (2010). Maximizing business returns to corporate …

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Module 10 Week 10 Discussion Post

October 29, 2015

You work for MarketUS, an online marketing company that devises campaigns for clients in the technology industry. One of the strategies used by the company is comparison marketing with competitors …

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Module 10 Week 10 Homework

October 26, 2015

Marketing with Integrity. with Integrity.pdf Is Marketing Evil? Why Business Ethics? Marketing to Kids Question 1: The Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising on the basis of …

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Module 9 Week 9 Discussion Post

October 19, 2015

An Ethical Dilemma: Troy Buchanan and Circa Communications (Chapter 3; page 127-128) Answer the following questions in your discussion post: What should Troy do? Describe one process through which Troy …

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Module 9 Week 9 Homework

October 17, 2015

Question 1: What kind of ethical duties does a strategic communications professional or a web designer have? Where do these duties come from? Question 2: Are there some ethical values …

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Module 8 Week 8 Discussion Post

October 14, 2015

READ: Case 11: The fraud of the century: the case of Bernard Madoff.  Answer the three questions on page 425 of the text.  Pay particular attention to Q#3, “What should …

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Module 8 Week 8 Homework

October 11, 2015

Write a 4-point code of conduct for online strategic communications professionals. Include a description of each point. Search online for codes of conduct for more information before beginning. Recommended reading: …

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Module 7 Week 7 Discussion Post

October 6, 2015

Resolving ethical business challenges: Frank Garcia and Acme corporation (Chapter 1; page 26) Answer the following questions in your discussion post: What are the potential ethical issues faced by Acme …

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